About Us

Everybody does the Buzz at the APIARY Magazine 3rd Issue Launch Party

APIARY Magazine is an all-volunteer literary organization dedicated to nurturing and celebrating the literary arts in Philadelphia, and to fostering cross-cultural understanding among Philadelphians through literary expression and collaboration.

APIARY’s mission is to nurture emerging and established authors in Philadelphia, to increase local and national engagement with local literature, and to develop literary spaces that foster cross-cultural understanding among Philadelphians.

APIARY’s vision: We envision a Philadelphia nationally recognized as an American center for the creation and enjoyment of literature; a city actively engaged with its own rich literary culture, where young and beginning writers are empowered to take an active role in the literary community, and where readers and writers of diverse backgrounds turn to writing as a common ground upon and means of expression through which to establish solidarity.



We’re Philly writers. We love words and the people who love them. And we started APIARY because we wanted to showcase this city’s huge diversity of literary communities and the excellent work they produce – including the spoken word poets, young people and new writers who might not usually submit work to a literary magazine.

At its core, writing is a communal act, and we believe that this community can also grow beyond the institutions and closed groups in which it is often kept. We believe writing is at its best not when it stands apart, but when it exists within our community, and reflects our common fears, love, beauty and struggle in turbulent times.

We believe that writing is not just the solitary act, but the community that forms when writing is shared. We believe that writing is about understanding one another, not about competitions and prizes.

We want to capture the liveliness we experience in our city in our time.

We want to have fun.  We want you to have fun.