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The Temple News asked us all about our very first fundraising campaign and how we hope to change Philadelphia’s literary landscape.

Philadelphia Inquirer interviewed us for National Poetry Month in 2013! “And Apiary’s message? Poetry is alive and well here.”

Philadelphia Inquirer:  “Apiary is trying to grow the garden, cross-pollinate, replace the words literary magazine with the word community — the word us.”

City Paper thinks we know which way the wind blows:  “Their first free issue might also be their best. Apiary Magazine is a great barometer for the Philadelphia literary scene, crossing genres and pushing boundaries.

On Newsworks/ radio station WHYY: Philadelphia literary magazine launches TV show

At Flying Kite Media: “The 150 plus page illustrated semiannual quickly attracted top names in the city’s literary community … but even more impressive are Apiary’s young contributors, who represent the great diversity of culture to be found in Philadelphia.” Full article here. 

City Paper celebrates the release of APIARY 2: “Sophomore slump? Hell, no! Apiary, Philadelphia’s literary magazine, is celebrating the release of their second issue in perfect literary style with performances by novelists, poets, and spoken word artists.” Full article here.

First Person Arts thinks we’re special:  “Unlike other magazines, the editors at APIARY travel across the city to workshops, open mics, readings, and school classrooms to find all of the different voices that make Philadelphia so full of life and energy!” Full article here.

Artblog sees into our soul: “From poetry that treats werewolves and whiskey, to visual art populated by monsters and mountains, within its pages are contained more than just an outlet for creative style, but a paperback sanctuary for the human heart…”

City Paper pops champagne: “A cause for celebration…”

Eric Smith of Geekadelphia and Quirk Books: “The journal gives budding young writers the chance to be published alongside already established writers. This journal gives a voice to those drowning under the waves of other writers already coasting along. It’s important. It’s necessary…”

Official City Blog Uwishunu says: “In the light of Philadelphia’s burgeoning art scene, sometimes it may feel like the support for writers comes up a little short. But for those who favor a pen to a paintbrush, the city’s new literary magazine APIARY has been working to pick up the slack.”  Full article here.

APIARY around Philly

American Book Award Winner Lamont B. Steptoe thinks we’re delicious: “APIARY is a breath of fresh air on the Philadelphia literary scene!  It is an exciting gumbo of voices and viewpoints  of all ages, genders and backgrounds!  Filled with both emerging and established writers and poets, APIARY will be the journal to watch for future scholars and critics in their efforts to understand the first decade of the twenty first century in literary Philadelphia.”

Celebrated Philly poet Leonard Gontarek drinks it all in: “There is poetry even in the biographical notes in The Apiary. And soul in its writers. And beautiful art on its front and back covers. The Apiary is tequila and the hallucinogenic worm at the bottom of the bottle and the gold line on the horizon. Sip it for yourself.”

Cave Canem Prize winner Iain Haley Pollock joins the party:  [APIARY Editors] Lillian Dunn & Tamara Oakman have done wonders in making the Philly poetry community more inclusive – they run a reading series called Light & Honey & the literary magazine Apiary. 

Karen Rile, Fiction Teacher @ UPenn, gives APIARY a shoutout at January’s Light & Honey at the Big Blue Marble. Thanks to Mt. Airy Patch for the coverage and video!: “A unique and different magazine, and a very high-quality magazine.”

Pigeon Presents Poetry Slam co-founder & Philly Student Union activist Jacob Winterstein thinks we’re shiny: “Apiary is a giant literary disco ball spinning above Philly. It reflects the light of Philadelphia’s distinct voices. The newly transplanted, the 5th generation Philadelphian, the old heads and the young bulls, those loud spoken word poets and your neighbor who has three drawers full of unshared (until now) poetry are all here.  When you’re done you’ll be amazed that so many different and wonderful people are in one place.”

Adriann ThePen Bautista, member of women’s poetry collective Wings of Worth: “Light and Honey … What a great experience….I was so honored to be among so many great POET GIANTS…..looking forward to the next!”

APIARY fan Maya J., age 13: The content in the second issue of APIARY is truly buzzworthy. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the magazine yet, it was a tough pick but my personal favorites were The Robbery by Nick Lepre and Foreign Focus by Jaclyn Sadicario… Overall, on a scale of one to ten I would give the APIARY 2 launch party and all involved a seventeen million and three.

 Aziza Kinteh, poet, activist, and host of First Fridays on Vine: Like magic!