April 1: Frank Sherlock, “You Can Feel Good About”

Near Reading, PA (You can feel good about) - by Zoe Strauss

 Happy Poetry Month, Philadelphia! We’ll be posting poems suggested by our readers once a day for all of April. The twist? The poet must be related to our city in some way, intimate or distant. Click here to learn how to nominate a poem. 

Your name: Lindsay Steuber
Author’s name: Frank Sherlock
Author’s blog or website address: http://FrankSherlock.blogspot.com/
What’s the Philly connection?: This is obvious, no? [Frank grew up in southwest Philadelphia; wrote a whole book w/CA Conrad about walking around the city called The City Real and Imagined; chronicled the lives of South Philadelphians in poetic broadsides published by Mural Arts, etc. Look him up. Swoon.]
Why’d you nominate this poem?: Because it rocks on the page as a prose poem but also when he reads it!  Be sure to check out both! Video at Jupiter 88.

[Turns out this poem was written in response to photographs by hometown hero Zoe Strauss, now exhibiting her photos at the PMA. A citywide special of Philly love.]

You Can Feel Good About 

You can feel good about I-95 when you take a walk underneath        Feel good about  rocking black lip liner    Your shirtless muscle pose is something you can flex & feel good about        You can feel good about life in this ditch since you know that your future starts here     You can      You know you can feel

You can feel good about the love of your life in a snapshot left on a boxspring     A gun & a bun in the oven is something you can feel good about     You can feel good about beating the Giants     You     Yes

You can feel good in the skin you’re in even if it’s been broken     You can feel good about the fire fighter & the wonder of fireworks at once     Show off your titty tattoos & feel good     I feel it     Feel good about falling in love w/o government sanction     Flip the bird to the law & feel good     You can feel good about your wave cap when it’s tied just right     Can you feel how good this feels this blinking sign of redemption     You can feel good about smoking in bed & not waking up in a fire     You can youYou can feel good about dollar magic     You can feel good about letting your wang hang out     You can

feel    Silly string from an overhead wire is something     You can feel good about Froggy Carr     You can feel good about making love in Centralia     Rome can make you     The shrimp & petro fest makes you feel good & hungry    You can feel good about gangsta ink on your face     You can feel that smooth Bicentennial roundball (go ahead & say it it’s so so good…..Julius…Errr-ving)    I told you now didn’t I

You can feel good about yours     It’s first one of its kind in the world     You can feel good about being young crazy rich & flashy    Feel good about the fleur-de-lis     You can feel good about $$$$ just don’t be a dick about it     Couples touching tongues can make you feel oo la la     He wrote dirty jokes in the Store of the Stars just so you could feel good     Feel him     You can feel good about dignity under the El     You can feel good about half of everything & the half that seems to be missing     Just feel for it

 You can feel good about the most we feared has turned out to be empty & barren   Drinking a Bud can

with one pinky up will make you feel pretty classy     You can feel good about feeling like any day you might be a star   Feel good about making out with a stranger on a day you come out in drag     Some days you feel for the dead (R.I.P.)     You feel good about showing your exit wounds because of what you’ve held onto     Let’s feel good & meet me under the overpass because now is the time to be close


-Frank Sherlock

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