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A Talk With Michael Martone, Author of Four For a Quarter

Former APIARY staffer Elizabeth Knauss interview Michael Martone, author of Four For a Quarter.  Michael will be doing a workshop and a reading at Rosemont College for its MFA Reading Night on Thursday, October 10 at 7:30 p.m. in the Main Building.    I discovered the author Michael Martone in a Rosemont College short story writing class. We were […]

Mad House Magazine’s Philip Mittereder and David E. Morton Say Print Media is Alive and Well

Mad House Magazine's Philip Mittereder and David E. Morton Say Print Media is Alive and Well

Executive Editor Lillian Dunn interviews Mad House Magazine’s Philip Mittereder and David E. Morton.  Read on to learn more about the team, their editorial process and their favorite local literary projects.   A:  If Mad House Magazine were an actual house, what would it look like? What would be cooking in the kitchen?  P: A […]

An Interview with the Web’s Busiest Music Nerd

A discussion about music and lyricism with The Needle Drop’s, Anthony Fantano (aka The Internet’s Busiest Music Nerd) and APIARY’s Steve Burns. Fantano chose three killer tracks — one from LCD Soundsystem, The Mountain Goats, and The Uncluded — to explore. So, what happens when tunes and text work together?     Burns: Who is Anthony […]

It Isn’t Where You Write, But Who You Write With

by Eric Smith During the day, when I’m busy pitching books to the Internet for Quirk Books and trying to wrangle up reviews, one of the more popular interview questions people like to ask of our authors, has to do with where a writer writes.  I’ve seen this on lots of blogs, and I always love scoping […]



Keith Vosseller is a Philadelphia writer/artist.  He creates videos using his own photography and poetry, that when set to music become collages that play to your eyes and ears.  He calls his work “poagraphy.”  See his piece “infant introductions” below.   Also check out this “urban apiary” he snapped on 15th St. last summer.   […]

How to Make a Chapbook

The Making of Epiphanies, Unnoticed by Lauren Yates Until last September, I had never participated in Philadelphia’s local slam scene. My performances were exclusively with The Excelano Project, the premier spoken word collective at the University of Pennsylvania. However, my impending graduation made me realize that I could not perform with Excelano forever.  After a […]

“She-Book” Launches: An Interview with the Invigorating Michelle Myers

On Friday, March 22nd, poet and educator Michelle Myers kicked off the first event of her book tour for the “She-Book” at the Asian Arts Initiative in Chinatown. Barefoot and charming, Myers engaged the audience with a plethora of empowering spoken-word poems that invoked issues of racial injustice, feminism, and the architecture of relationship, all […]

The Poet Warriors Project

Emily Southerton, creator of our Fresh Where? podcast, is off on an amazing adventure: traveling the country teaching poetry to young students.  She runs The Poet Warrior Project, and uses poetry as a catalyst for students to feel empowered and become agents of change.  Read more about her experiences in her words below.   When […]

A Conversation with writer, publisher and urban farmer Nic Esposito

APIARY’S Steve Burns recently sat down with urban farmer, activist, small press founder, self-published (and APIARY!) author, and fellow Rowan University alumnus, Nic Esposito, in his newly acquired writing space on Frankford Avenue. Amid handmade wooden desks and the glow of a writer’s lamplight, Nic, an ambitious artisan of the literary arts, tells us the […]

The Head and the Hand: Craft Publishing in Philly

APIARY’s Steve Burns recently met up with  The Head and the Hand staffers Chloe Westman and Linda Gallant, at their Kensington headquarters on Frankford Ave. to talk about their exciting new craft publishing venture.  They told us what inspired the formation of their press, their ideas for unifying and supporting Philly’s writing community and about the process […]

APIARY 2012 Gift Guide

Whether you’re buying for an avid reader, writer, artist or design/art aficionado, APIARY is here to help you surprise that special, creative type in your life. APIARY’s Literary Gift Giving Guide has an eclectic assortment of gifts gleaned from local and online-only sources. Affordable and original, this collection strives to satisfy both the consumer and recipient. […]

Litographs (Your Favorite Books Turned into Visual Art)

Danny Fein, a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, has found a really creative way to turn the text of your favorite book into visual art, with his company Litographs.  He takes the actual text of famous books throughout history and turns it into super cool graphic posters.  Plus, for each poster purchased, a book […]

Poet Charlie O’Hay Gets Nat’l Attention for Photo Project

Local poet Charlie O’Hay, who we featured back in April for Poetry Month, is getting some national attention for his photography project, Everyone Has a Name.  He takes stark and compassionate  portraits of homeless people in Philadelphia, while also extending friendship and a listening ear.  Business Insider and Philadelphia Weekly have both taken notice of the […]



  Philly poet Paul Siegell has been featured in  APIARY  twice and has been responsible for visual poetry hijinks ever since he had an unforgettable summer fling with a mature Swiss lady named Helvetica.  I love his giddy sense of word-nerd humor and the way his creations make me squint and think for a minute before I get the joke.  (Watch the trailer for his chapbook wild life rifle fire and you’ll […]

Making Chapbooks with Jonny Lohr

APIARY’s Lindsay Steuber talks with Jonny Lohr, an MFA student at Temple University, about his process of creating chapbook.  Lohr is completing his chapbook project as well as Debrah Morkun and Nick DeBoer’s collaborative book.  Stay tuned to the Philly poetry calendar for the launch reading later this month!   Lindsay Steuber: What first interested […]

Literary Life // Tiffany Kang

Literary Life // Tiffany Kang

Hey all, this is the first in a possibly never-ending series of posts from local writers about their lives, writing and otherwise. If you are so inclined, send us your stories and we’ll put them up here for others to enjoy and learn from. I’m Tiffany Kang – a second-generation Asian-American college student from suburban […]

Chicks Dig Books: The Nerdy Girl’s Guide to the Printed Word

Marketing Manager Elizabeth Knauss interviews Jen Congiliando, the discerning reader and reviewer behind the awesome book review blog Chicks Dig Books. If you think of book critics are omnipresent judges who preside over the publishing industry casting a wand of love or hate upon authors, you may be right. But Jen Congiliando is no such […]