APIARY Poetry Workshop: May 20

Hey, you busy bees out there! Feeling inspired by everything you’ve read, heard, and imagined during Poetry Month? Award winning poets/professors Jeffrey Ethan LeeIain Haley Pollock, and renowned NYU anthropologist and poet Renato Rosaldo will conduct the first-ever APIARY poetry workshop, in collaboration with Many Mountains Moving, on the afternoon of Sunday, May 20, at Tyme Gallery.

The workshop  offers individual feedback on your work from the poets between 1 – 2:30 p.m, culminating in a performance by the poets from 2:30 – 3:30 p.m. and a book signing and networking session from 3:30 –  4 p.m.

The workshop is OPEN TO ALL, and the participants in this workshop neither need to be “experienced” writers in poetry nor currently enrolled in a creative-writing class.

The $25 registration fee includes the $15 submission fee to APIARY’s Summer Poetry contest, which will officially open at the time of the workshop! (Yes, it’s our first contest ever, too.) You can bring entries to the workshop, or can submit online anytime during the submissions period (May 20 – August 1).  Read on to register and for info on scholarships and workshop details.

There are two scholarships available—for youth 18 yrs or under—to attend the workshop for FREE. To apply for a scholarship, please email info@apiarymagazine.com with 5 pages of the young person’s poems to be judged by APIARY staff. We will let you know the winning applicants by May 6. Winning applicants may also be featured on APIARY’s website.

Poets participating in the workshop (to which no “spectators” are admitted — participants only!) can upload 5 pages of poems in the form below. Poets can bring their poem on the day of the workshop, with the understanding that the workshop leaders will not have had time to read them in advance.

Jeffrey Ethan Lee says: “In this workshop, we will learn to do a writing exercise that focuses on writing that is more spontaneous and natural. We will get more used to how it feels to write without fear of writing and learn to write more as a disciplined practice. The writing exercise becomes a kind of a mirror of our minds, so the practice is to get to know one’s own mind very well. Another beneficial part of the workshop is that either this new writing or a work-in-progress may be be shared with the workshop group for a detailed constructive critique.”

The workshop will occur upstairs in the closed art gallery space of Tyme Gallery, and begin PROMPTLY at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday, May 20. Light refreshments—drinks, chips, etc—will be on hand for the workshop.

For questions about the space or directions, call Edna (Tyme Gallery) at 610-853-1215, or send her an email (madametyme@tymegallery.com). For any other questions, e-mail info@apiarymagazine.com.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Upload your poems here:

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We encourage you to pre-pay here to reserve your spot; you may also pay at the door at Tyme Gallery.
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