Submissions open for APIARY 7!

Today, submissions open for APIARY 7. For us, putting out the call feels a lot like the crisp and innocent blue weather we had this weekend: electric with possibility, memories, and anticipation.

Every issue we try to grow a little further. APIARY 5 was our first all-color edition. APIARY 6 featured Poet Laureate Sonia Sanchez. And now, APIARY 7 will be our first themed issue (with a special section to be announced later in the fall).

For APIARY 7, we’re seeking poetry, fiction, and non-fiction that addresses, incorporates, or dances with the theme of POWER.

Think of power given, stolen, reclaimed. Power hard-won and [un]deserved. Power as force, feeling and nature. Of the tremendous reverberations and quietest murmurs of this short word. We encourage you to take on the theme in creative ways.

Submissions are due October 1, 2013. Hard deadline, no extensions (we’re getting stern in our old age!)

We can’t wait to hear what you have to say. Submit here.

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One Response to “Submissions open for APIARY 7!”

  1. Carol Bond says:

    Kindly Send ms your submittable link. have some fiction which involves a really powerful man in We Can’t all be Gems, a comedic treatment. It’s the power of a person’s zest for life. It is a part of a longer novella.

    Word Count Please.


    Carol Ann

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