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The Hive: APIARY Digital Edition POEM FOR SISTERS By Hannah White You’ve dwindled again to skin and bone and sharp corners. Darling, I hardly know you anymore. But I know you too well, the desperate measures and the back-room deals you call living, the contortions of your broken body curdling, cringing, dodging bullets locked and […]


In PHILADELPHIA POETRY, Leonard Gontarek selects and introduces some of our city’s most praiseworthy poets. For July, Gontarek discusses the work of Hal Sirowitz, who is hilarious. You may laugh.   New Sheets I won’t be around forever, Mother said. One day I’m going to die, so I might as well nag you a little bit […]


The Hive: APIARY Digital Edition WE USED TO SUMMER By Kristen Brida I’ve been told that when the waves comb back to the yolked horizon: do not blink; do not stand on stilts; run to higher ground. But when the ocean slurped back from the shoreline, we crouched down, digging into blank sand, scavenging for […]


The Hive: APIARY Digital Edition ATLANTIC CITY by Jennifer French as I’m driving the expressway the billboards hanging over the marshes rudely announce it: I am about to enter the land of money. It’s my first visit in 40 years, first one since we were young and faultless and claimed we were beauty pageant contestants, […]


The Hive: APIARY Digital Edition BOTTLE HUNTING By Heather Dooley The exposed edge was guitar shaped and blue. She had rattled all day three days by then, and that was the first I thought about it. It happened when a slinky of cloud slipped off and down the sky, the sun came out, flashed coincidentally, […]


The Hive: APIARY Digital Edition WEASEL RANCH By Nathan Alling Long A porch light a wood shed ninty-eight watts spilling in spelling out “weasel,” wood stumbling on a rattle snake a summer spring the metal doors the chicken coop pulling back tool belt web the underbrush outhouse, white plank barn red two holes: child and… […]


On Saturday, June 7th rocker Jim Trainer (Farewell to Armor), actor Don Bajema (Winged Shoes and a Shield), and prolific poet Charlie O’Hay (Far From Luck) will be reading and performing at Big Blue Marble Books at 7 pm in an event called “An Evening of Street Poetry & Spoken Word.” This combination of kinesthetic, musical, and […]


Outloud is a monthly column on spoken word, Philly lit, and the nature of the universe spit one stanza at a time. Views here are not necessarily held by APIARY and its staff. Talk is cheap. Thirst is everything. Longmire. *Due to a deluge of content, this edition of Outloud should be read in the voice […]


The Hive: APIARY Digital Edition THE ROSE, THE MOON by Elizabeth Rivers  Knockouts, blazers, repeating roses, do their best to briar trouble


The Hive: APIARY Digital Edition THE USES OF ART by Ditta Baron Hoeber she drew and then with red paint painted ———–a shape that clung to her ————————————along her side

New Year’s Eve – Nicole Salemno

The Hive: APIARY Digital Edition   New Year’s Eve by Nicole Salemno – Snow lingers in patches, whisky in our mugs, in the sky—constellations, and somewhere close by the Atlantic leans black against the coast.

Rejoice, You’re Afflicted — Sean Lynch

The Hive: APIARY Digital Edition Rejoice, You’re Afflicted by Sean Lynch old man no teeth he gave you pleasure and the sweetest taste

I grew up to be afraid of even the simplest things – Elliott batTzedek

The Hive: APIARY Digital Edition   I grew up to be afraid of even the simplest things by Elliott batTzedek   I grew up to be afraid of even the simplest things   Gravity, for example— a Chicken Little, squawking about what might fall from the sky

The Start of Something — Marisa Lyon

  The Hive: APIARY Digital Edition The Start of Something by Marisa Lyon running laughter in the rain her fun-loving nature

After Hearing Paquito D’Rivera’s ‘Kites Over Havana’ – Christina Turczyn

The Hive: APIARY Digital Edition After Hearing Paquito D’Rivera’s “Kites Over Havana” (as performed by the Imani Winds Quintet) by Christina L. Turczyn   As a child, the composer dreamed kites over rooftops, their atonal ribbons of music loosed from string. If rivers could fly, they would look like this: Winding without thought and hungry, […]

Those who die – Hanoch Guy

The Hive: APIARY Digital Edition   Those who die by Hanoch Guy   –at eight as Tommy who hung himself from his favorite maple remain for ever eight and are allowed to play All the time.

The Nurse — Alex Grover

The Nurse by Alex Grover Sunday nights are still work days, dreaming streetlights pick up sonic waves and Anna catches her scrubs in the Lazy Susan when she pulls oregano for a late night fried egg.

It might just mean – David Kozinski

The Hive: APIARY Digital Edition   It might just mean David Kozinkski you’re longing for a larger house, spaces and roofs that steeple and provoke – this dream of winding through a once familiar place which now divulges hidden passages, disguised doors, chambers and subbasements, a donjon, a darkroom –

Geometry – Kristina Moriconi

The Hive: APIARY Digital Edition   Geometry by Kristina Moriconi   It becomes a question of space, point, line, plane, rectangles penciled on canvas, a constant ratio of end to side.

Thank You – Mirabella Mitchell

The Hive: APIARY Digital Edition Thank You by Mirabella Mitchel The seal-bright beauty of your back shines in the half-light. I watch your shoulder blades bearing heavy boxes out to asphalt.

Arm Wrestling w/ the Hands of Time – Jack Timko

The Hive: APIARY Digital Edition Arm Wrestling w/ the Hands of Time by Jack Timko Hunched over a table saw in the garage, his brittle body sculpted from yellow fingernail, leathered appendages trembling, the ashtray swimming with wood splinters and the regal lions of Pall Mall’s unfiltered coat of arms, he sat cursing everything within […]

Hermits of the Ridge — Robin Hiteshew

The Hive: APIARY Digital Edition Hermits of the Ridge by Mr. Robin Hiteshew Your bones lodged under chancel in that old church built next to Spook’s Hill, Mt. Misery on High Street in Germantown. It seems fitting no trace discovered of you save that round bronze disc placed in the twenties, to call the god […]

Mirabilis — Eric J. Xu

The Hive: APIARY Digital Edition Mirabilis by Eric J. Xu maybe we should wait but no it’s okay as you slip the straps off her shoulders and press her tapered body into yours. You are clumsy and your fingers tell you this when they can’t seem to find the latch on her back but it’s […]

I Wouldn’t Mind – Janet Fishman

The Hive: APIARY Digital Edition I Wouldn’t Mind by Janet Fishman I glance at the hand, notice a ring pretty quickly. Sometimes no ring: winding conversations, hope. But the person he rushed to meet at the airport is His wife who will have their second child this summer.