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What's Happening in Philadelphia

APIARY Mixtape |
A brand-new video adventure, APIARY MIXTAPE is an intimate look into Philly’s teeming literary families. Writers invite us in to the places they find inspiration; we record their poems, stories, and thoughts on craft and community. Follow us from...
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A Conversation with writer, publisher and urban farmer Nic Esposito |
APIARY’S Steve Burns recently sat down with urban farmer, activist, small press founder, self-published (and APIARY!) author, and fellow Rowan University alumnus, Nic Esposito, in his newly acquired writing space on Frankford Avenue. Amid handmade...
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The Head and the Hand: Craft Publishing in Philly |
APIARY's Steve Burns recently met up with  The Head and the Hand staffers Chloe Westman and Linda Gallant, at their Kensington headquarters on Frankford Ave. to talk about their exciting new craft publishing venture.  They told us what inspired the...
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Poetry Jawns: Holiday Edition |
Welcome to APIARY’s monthly column, Poetry Jawns with Alina, curated by our resident poetry expert, Alina Pleskova!  Alina is an editor at an academic publisher by day, always wins the contest for who’s wearing the highest heels at APIARY staff...
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The Buzz |
APIARY's Free Audio Guide to Philly's Best Spoken Word Despite its development as an artistic genre in recent decades, there's still a great deal of stigma.  Sure, writers like Patricia Smith and Andrea Gibson have managed to lend some literary...
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