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What's Happening in Philadelphia

Nov 9 Small Hex A small hex for dates on Apiary Magazine's website.
Poetry & Leadership: What is a Poet's Responsibility?
Early this morning our presidential election ended. To say that I am discomforted, disturbed, afraid, and disappointed by the outcome is an understatement. I am numb. I am raw. I am tired. I am many things. But I am also inspired. For this poet,...
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I Wonder What Else Could Be Different Around Here: Yolanda Wisher, Dick Laurie, Natalie Diaz, Christian Campbell and much more | Sep 17, 2016
This September, APIARY Magazine is proud to once again participate in PHILALALIA, Philadelphia's annual small-press fair! We will be tabling and taking part in events throughout the weekend, so keep an eye on our social media pages for dates and...
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Aug 16 Small Hex A small hex for dates on Apiary Magazine's website.
That Clarity Alone Can Be Liberating: An Excerpt from The Instead
The Instead is a beautiful and expansive investigation of how to be human— of how to navigate deafening injustice and a need for joy despite. While it ostensibly documents the thinking and questioning of just two writers, Abendroth and Mellis bring...
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APIARY 8 LAUNCHED | Jul 9, 2016
In conjunction with Philadelphia-based DIY postcolonial sci-fi collective METROPOLARITY, the staff of APIARY Magazine are proud to announce that APIARY 8, SOFT TARGETS, HAS OFFICIALLY LANDED! Thank you to all who came out to our launch party to...
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Jun 22 Small Hex A small hex for dates on Apiary Magazine's website.
It’s been nearly three years since we’ve held, seen, and heard a glittery issue of APIARY. We’ve been at work — working on ourselves. We’ve considered how we, as a collective of volunteers, work and learn collaboratively. Yes, we’ve launched a new...
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